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Yaupon Holly Crate

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This lovely North American shrub produces abundant, brightly-colored berries that welcome fall. The long-lasting berries stay through winter and attract a variety of birds, bees, and other wildlife, making Yaupon Holly a must-have.

Yaupon Holly's large, upright growth makes it a versatile landscape accent that can stand alone or offer a vibrant backdrop. This dense, multi-stemmed evergreen has a refined texture that sets it apart from similar varieties.

Even better? It's highly tolerant of drought and sea salt. Tough conditions are no match for the strong, virtually carefree Yaupon Holly.

Large: 28x18x18 case with a generous 30 lbs of material in the box.
- enough to cover 200 square feet

Small:  30x20x10 case with 15 lbs of material in the box.
- enough to cover 100 square feet